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    Quote Originally Posted by colin3005 View Post
    one of my members got this this morning

    Dear Customer,

    TGP Europe the operator of our UK brand, as you may well be aware, had huge issues triggered by their systems picking up a number of incidents including widespread 'bonus abuse' by customers opening multiple accounts and claiming bonuses.
    In our attempt to protect the integrity of the players, brand and business, many genuine, and now understandably aggrieved customers got caught up in the process as we attempted to deal with the problems.
    We sincerely apologise, both for this error and for the time taken to investigate and to correct the position, and your winnings have been paid in full.
    Your account has been reactivated and has had the prior adjustment reversed. Your funds are now available if you wish to commence the withdrawal process.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Fun88 on behalf of TGP Europe
    ha, more like they realised the power of social media/player outrage and figured it's best to pay whata rightfully owed.

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    Just keep paying those licence fees and Gambling Commission will keep their heads buried in the sand.

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    Some interesting updates here:

    CEO of the TGP Group is former high ranking official for Isle of Man government eGaming which will now be investigating the TGP group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colin3005 View Post
    Has anyone who was promoting these had any issues with tracking?
    Not that anyone will be able to promote them again after this publicity, but before it hit the headlines I had concerns, i had a few players contact me to ask if I knew they were ok, all who said they signed up though my links, yet I don't have a single player showing as registered on Fun88, and TLC none of the user names I've been are showing as sign ups either.

    I've spoken to income access about it and getting completely different stories. They've said possibly they were credited to another affiliate on a first click basis, then specifically stated they tested my tracking links and they weren't working, then when I chased him up today said he just assumed I was right when I said it wasn't correct but they have tested it again and its working fine.

    Doesn't sit right with me at all, the link is either working or it isn't.
    yes their affiliate is complete crap

    i tried 12bet promotion in some asian country b4, I believe Malaysia
    the tracking was very weird, i did not trust it

    then even the players that produced signups had weird betting patterns, so in the end i even forgot about the account and login and all

    they are complete COMPLETE joke
    not worth of spending one second

    i do not get it how they can be epl team sponsors
    We are all bloodsucking ticks, hungry, devious
    each one latched on to the ass of the previous
    when the last and the first latch on it can be shown
    ass-blood sucked by the first from the last is his own

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    Well as an update to this, if you can call it that.

    I was talking to John Batt regarding this at first, then Allan Petrilli emailed me.

    When i asked why John said in one email the tracking wasn't working properly, then in his next that it was working fine - he stopped replying too.

    Was also promised a statement from Fun88 etc to affiliates letting us know what was going on, still waiting for that too.

    Maybe incomeaccess would like to comment on here in public about their ever changing stories ?

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    138?12bet?Fun88 ? Noname brands from the last google side ?

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    It'll certainly be interesting to see how what the media will be saying come Monday about the National. There was far too much bad press around Cheltenham for them to not be monitoring issues that punters are having with the bookies.

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    really bad story...I didn't promote them and will not do for sure...

    All brands Chinese?

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