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    Lightbulb Affiliate Program Detail Page Enhancements

    We've just completed a major overhaul in the way we organize information about the affiliate programs involved with the GPWA.

    For example, affiliate managers are people, and now we have have the technical infrastructure in place required to be able to treat them that way. Now we can know in our database that an affiliate manager with a particular GPWA member name works for a specific affiliate program, and has a real title and real name in that role. Before we knew all of this information about affiliate managers, but it was not always connected together very well.

    One of the first benefits of our better organized information about affiliate managers is that we can provide additional information on our sponsor detail pages about them.

    If you select "Program Directory" under "Affiliate Programs" from the top navigation we provide a directory of all of the sponsor affiliate programs and then click on the name of a sponsor affiliate program, you will arrive at our page with information about that program.

    Before we just listed affiliate program manager names and e-mail addresses. Now we include their GPWA member name when they have one with a link to their member detail page so you can easily find information like the posts that they have made. And we also include their title now, so if it is "Italian Market Affiliate Manager" you have that information.

    Also, if an affiliate program is supported by StatsRemote, we now highlight that information on their page, with a link to information about the special deals we've arranged for GPWA members with the folks at StatsRemote (see the announcement of the special deals in the thread

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    The new look pages look great. The information is nicely presented and the contact details will definitely prove to be useful. WTG!

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