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    Default Antigua online gambling operators might face scrutiny

    Antigua's financial regulatory boss is in a little bit of hot water, mainly because he was involved in an $8 billion Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Sir Allen Sanford.

    A number of popular online gambling sites, including Bodog, WSEX and Intertops, are based out of Antigua. And could come under intense scrutiny, according to Chris Costigan of Gambling911 (and numerous other sources).

    While (Finance Minister Harold) Lovell said he did not believe that the current situation would have much of an impact on the island's online gambling industry or its WTO dispute with the United States, many industry observers believe it would be fool hearty to assume Antigua would not want to offer up a sacrificial lamb of sorts. At least one Antigua-based Internet gambling firm was under investigation by the US Attorney's office out of Baltimore last year, though the outcome in that case has not immediately been revealed.

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    Just because one guy is a crook, you can't condemn the entire industry in Antigua.

    Of course common sense won't stop the U.S., their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
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    Common sense ain't the buzzword at many gambling conferences either.

    Antigua are also very unresponsive to player problems.

    The Antigua PR drive they say is coming won't be common sense based either. It will be about the money, hence the getting on the uk whitelist initiative was of utmost importance to them..

    Of course, the UIGEA is far beyond a joke to my understanding.

    What a tangled web these licensing jurisdictions weave. Players and affs alike, are on a wing and a prayer with these kind of folk doing the bidding at the top.

    Kahnawake have'nt even commented on Grand Prive for example.

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