July was a great month for us and I take the opportunity to thank all the affiliates who beat their last month’s numbers and won the bonus.

To ensure that all your hard work pays BIG time this month, we are offering a lucrative bonus for August 07. You can earn extra cash based on the number of new players you get in this month.

$1000 up for grabs!

For the affiliates who have worked for this bonus last month, the momentum has already been set last month. And you just need to stick to the plan and get new depositing players to better your last month's numbers and earn the bonus.

For the ones who plan to start participating this month, all you need to do is better your July 07 sign ups.

For affiliates who haven't got any sign ups in July 07 and new affiliates, your base starts with ZERO. So you just need to get 3 new players to reach the first slab.

Isn't this cool guys?

Bonus Slabs -

For 3 additional signups over July 07 - Get $100
5 additional signups over July 07 - Get $200
10 additional signups over July 07 - Get $500
20 additional signups over July 07 - Get $1000

Terms and conditions

- This offer is valid only for the Real Money Sign ups accumulated on Sierra Star Casino, Royal Dice and Giant Vegas in the month of August 2007.
- Only affiliates on revenue share qualify for this bonus.
- The offer is not for each independent tracker. If you have multiple trackers, the sum total of Real Money Players generated across these multiple trackers would be taken into consideration while computing your earnings.
- This promotion is per affiliate and not per affiliate account. If you have multiple accounts with us you would only be credited the bonus on one account.
- You are only eligible for one bonus during the Promotion period, and will not receive a bonus for each tier you pass through.
- This onetime bonus will be paid over and above your existing payables.
- New players have to deposit $50 and wager it 4 times.
- The total bonus payable is capped at $1000.
- The decision of the Casino Management is final.

Please let me know your creative requirements - banners, mailers etc and please feel free to contact me through e-mail or chat if you need any clarifications.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to negotiate a better deal for volume traffic.