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    Default Beaffiliates ???

    Has anyone worked with Have tried subscribing but received the following message. When I asked to explain what the issue is, since nothing they mention is applicable to our sites, they reply with the same answer. Wonder if they are worth the effort.

    We regret to inform you that your candidacy Beaffiliates program was denied. .

    Beaffiliates exclusively approves the active sites and regularly updated. We refuse any site promoting sexual content, violent or discriminatory, while highlighting those illegal activities or subject to a violation of intellectual property rights.

    Once your site optimized and inappropriate content removed, we will be happy to study your request again. If you want your site to be visited again, thank you to send an email to the address below.

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    I worked with beaffiliates.. err I tried to work with them.
    I worked with many French (programs).. err I tried to work with them.

    France is one of the few countries I have never been to (only the airport). So I ignorantly believe - based only on my online experience and movies with J. P. Belmondo & Inspector Clouseau - that they only eat frogs during workhours and that is it.
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