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Thread: Big Success.

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    Sly is correct as cited in her above post.

    The single word above summarizes his entire diatribe about forum members here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chill
    he speaks french, spanish and german. At least according to his first post ever.
    He left out gobbly gook


    Compliance: a code word for control

    Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. It's called integrity.

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    Thumbs up

    I guess one of life’s most valued gifts is the ability to give more than you take. My habitual character dictates to always stand up, aid, and assist those who lack the skills to do otherwise. I do this almost everyday both on the Web and in my personal life. We all are gifted and process something special. Whether or not we decide to lend a helping hand to persons in need makes all difference.

    A concept sometimes hard to believe in especially when faced with a “leech” or people so unappreciative it makes you wonder. Whether greed, glory, is your philosophical outlook on life the fact remains life is full of trickery, especially in business matters. But yield and be cautious because this still is a beautiful life.

    I am very moved by the people who did actually try and help helpyou. Unselfish acts such as these truly have the ability to move mountains. It restores faith in humanity.

    Perhaps this may seem a little too much for most, but I would expect that. In regards to my decapitated state I offer no comment. But I found it funny what some had to say. This made my day a little brighter and the grass a little greener (no not the kind you smoke).

    In regards to helpyou all we can say is we tried. We gave it our best shot and "ignorance" prevailed.

    Regards and all the best!!!

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    Perhaps this may seem a little too much for most


    G: you've always seemed to me to be one of the most unselfish people .... almost too unselfish I thought in many cases.

    so to that respect sir,: (insert smilie with hats off here)

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