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by , 30 November 2013 at 9:53 pm (1778 Views)
[QUOTE=GaryTheScubaGuy;741012]Most of what you need to know is right here, and members will help out as well. You can do a search for "top 12 tips for 20xx" and it will give you some good tips.

The issue most people do not realise when they say "do it yourself" is that time and manpower are the price, not competence.

I have ran an agency with 75+ SEO's, consulted 888 when they had 100+ SEO's in-house, and have built my own agency with over 30+ staff. Each time is the same problem; you train them up and somebody snags them up. Usually one of my own clients because he is our/my front-man.

I'll give you an example;

One average client requires;
- One Lead SEO
- Two supporting SEO's
- Several writers and possibly trained spinners (preferably both with spinning skills)
- Social Media Specialist
- Project Manager
- Analyst
- Coder (in some rare cases)

And whether or not the client is big or small (2500 to 50k pcm), they require the same crew.

There are a few corners you can cut but you'll either go through a menagerie of worthless outsourced dimwits that do more harm than good (if only in the time you waste), or the site suffers.

If you want a good startup strategy here's what I recommend;
- Write, or hire a writer to create unique, semantic-based and good resources daily. Link out to non-competing, high-ranking sites. Get a G+ Author profile and use it
- Use Onlywire for social media
- Pay $100 a month for ABNewswire and publish press releases as often as possible, use the same rules as you do with content generation
- Use for Facebook, G+, Tumblr and Twitter posts (once a week, but regularly)
- Use LRT Link Detox and disavow anything red, provided you have checked them out. Many times a site is ranked bad through LRT only because it is not indexed. Provided the site isn't de-indexed, I'll run Onlywire and XIndexer on the exact URL and try to get them indexed. If this fails the site is probably penalised. I disavow the root domain and NOT just the page

A quick tip you may not know (this is assuming your on-site is healthy), if you have any 301's on orphan pages, old pages or duplicate pages, and they are pointing to your homepage, change these to target the correct internal page, or create one. 301's pointing to your homepage will cause you to lose all internal link juice.

If you have duplicate pages, or pages that are static or with little content above the template used on every page, use canonical links.

Start by running ScreamingFrog, LRT and a site auditor (plenty out there for free). Identify internal pages and sort by title, then description, then Headers and fix any duplicates.

Create a sitemap and robots.txt file. Be sure your robots.txt includes your xml directory.

This is a good start.

But just to silence the nay-sayers, SEO isn't html. You don't go out and learn it and your good forever. SEO is a tireless occupation that requires serious drive and motivation and a constant stream of evaluating opinions, testing yourself and living on 4 hours sleep a night. I've been doing this 16 years and believe me, I have tried every corner-cut imagined and have been through literally hundreds of outsourcer's, and have trained dozens of in-house SEO's. There are no corners to cut and unless you can get by with the little traffic longtail may provide then you (how many longtail versions of Bingo or Poker are there that convert?), and you want to get serious about organic ranking then start staffing up.

P.s. And this doesn't include the 3k pcm I spend on various tools, the countless hours I pay expensive (experienced) staff to run, monitor and evaluate the data, and things like a network with 2000+ websites which after content, spinning, WP maintenance and the cost of hosting and the domains (that's 14k per year alone), oh and the ABNewswire and PRWeb press releases that cost 1-4k pcm and the writers and submitters to process them.

P.p.s. - we won't include machines, office, taxes, insurance, holidays and all the other b.s. that comes with it you have to pay for[/QUOTE]