Is the industry going downwards?

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by , 21 January 2012 at 8:29 pm (1570 Views)
[QUOTE=Rostick;677125]Well, for me the new regulations in Romania are the ones that hurt the most. Years of hard work down the drain ...

But forget that, every problem is a hidden oportunity. I`m moving to a foreign hosting company and I`m starting new websites in english from scratch. More competition, but also much more experience for me. And now comes the problem for all affiliates ... is the future compromised?

It seems to me that bwin practically made a revolution in the affiliate industry. I was expecting what is happening now, ladbrokes, party are allready following the path and there is no logical reason to think that the others won`t do the same. It`s not profitable to be among the few that offer high convertion rates as long as the big guns took things to a different level. Maybe the "small" bookies/casinos/bingohalls could speculate and attract more customers by keeping affiliates happy but I doubt it. Best case scenario some of them will keep the rates an inch higher. The move has been made and everyone will be happy to cut expenses without offering less than the competition.

In my opinion, the 25-35% rates can be forgotten. One year from now all new affiliates will get max 15% and old/succesful affiliates will also be badly hurt. For sure terms and conditions will also be predatory.

Volatile indeed, F-L-C. Things don`t look good.[/QUOTE]


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    As the technology going upward, all of us should join forces and start new sports market to compete with Betfair, or new casino to compete with "big guns". Can you imagine the situation that one day, the majority of affiliates stop promoting the old big casinos or Betfair and start promoting one "ours" sports exchange and/or casino !!!! Affiliates could earn double way, as an old-fashioned affiliate and as a shareholder of this new online venue! :wave:
    Do you think this is only science-fiction?