The Pros and Cons of Working From Home as an Online Casino Affiliate

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by , 8 February 2020 at 8:10 pm (404 Views)
MyExperience Working From Home; Pros and Cons

I used to work in the corporate world, the 9-5 turned out to be 9 -whenever the phone stopped ringing and in the middle of America’sforeclosure crisis, that was almost never. We worked 14 hour shiftswith a couple of short breaks and catered food to keep us going. Wewere basically bribed to stay in our chairs with unhealthy foodchoices and prizes. It was enough to drive any active person insane.

When my wife and I had our first child, at the time shewas making a bit more money then me, so I took some time off fromwork as a “stay at home dad”. But I get bored easily, sosearching for some extra ways to earn money online I came across a blog about marketing mobile online casinos. Skeptical at first, I did abit more digging and, coming across the GPWA and a few other onlinecasino forums. After hours of reading forum posts, I figured I wouldthrow up a WordPress site and sign up for a few online casinoaffiliate programs. This was the start of my online casino affiliatebusiness, and working from home. I built the site, spent monthswriting articles, online casino reviews and posting to blogs. Afterjust a few months I got my first depositing player, and from there,what started as a hobby soon enough turned into a full time business.

Thatone affiliate website turned into multiple websites and I seemed toalways stay busy. There are several notes to take from someone thathas worked from home for nearly 10 years, there are many great thingsabout it, but at the same time, like with everything else there is adownside to working from home. Some of these pros and cons have a lotto do with being a parent, so if you don’t have children, bear withme.

Pro:You have more time on your hands
Having more time is never a badthing, most of the time I find myself multi tasking while working. IfI’m writing a post or editing, I can use my phone to make phonecalls or schedule appointments, freeing up my after work time!

Con:Becoming distracted
Thisis where you have to be dedicated to your work, and have boundariesas far as how much time you’re sacrificing to other projects inaddition to working. There are some days where I end up getting verylittle done as far as working, and a lot done around the house.

Pro:Your earning potential goes way up
Mostself made businesses can earn as much as the owner is willing to putinto them. If you work a ton, your potential goes up and the moneywill flow in steadily. In my case, I started one business andcontinued to open more to make more money.

Con:In the beginning, it can be slow
Withsome new businesses or work from home jobs, the business can operateat a slow pace which can be hard to handle, and discouraging. Butlike I said in my point above, your earning potential goes way up, sokeep working at it.

Pro:More face time with the family
Althoughyou may not take more days off you will be more present at homebecause your family will see more of you, while you’re working.

Con:Less days off
You’llfind yourself submerging yourself in more work, especially in thebeginning, and you might even find that you end up working more andmore as time goes on. So, all of those long hours at the bank for meended up being nothing compared to what I was able to work at home,most nights I stay up until 3 am working.

Pro:You make your own hours
Makingyour own hours as you slip away from the corporate world can be agift or a curse, for me it is a little bit of both. I can wake uplater in the day and sleep in which is nice.

Con:You make your own hours
Ifyou’re easily distracted, this can be a very bad thing because likeme, you might find yourself switching up your schedule often andpushing your work toward the end of the day instead of getting it outof the way and then going off to have fun later in the day. Workbefore play, always remember that.

If you’re on thefence about working from home, this pros and cons list might help youto think about what the possibility of working from home can be likefor you. Today, there are more work from home jobs than ever beforeand more and more people are choosing to start their own businessesinstead of joining the workforce.

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