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    Default column attacks the UIGEA

    Joe Saumarez-Smith, the CEO of Sports Gaming, writes a great column today on that methodically takes apart the UIGEA.

    Twelve months later, there are just as many people gambling online, if not more. Many bettors don't even know the law was changed, partly because it was tacked on as an amendment to a measure aimed at increasing port security.
    Online poker rooms, sports bookies and casinos are still able to get money from and send money to their customers, albeit not as easily as a year ago. Meanwhile, Americans are free to place online bets on lotteries and horse racing as those forms of gambling were deemed legal. They can also visit any number of legal casinos, poker rooms, racetracks or Off Track Betting centers, and play state lotteries. The situation is, in short, a mess.
    Laws that are either widely disobeyed or unworkable are bad laws. A year after its passing, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is both disobeyed and unworkable.
    The sooner it's scrapped, the better.
    Here's the link to the entire column:

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    Can someone send me some keep uf the fight banners against UIGEA I want to add some content on the issue to my site.
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