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    This generation have got it hard to buy and own a house yep.
    Thats the main thing. Along with jobs and pensions, they are worse for young people.

    The other things you mention are social things, they have got better. Cars, consumer electronics, travel, practically everything has got cheaper and better. However, fact remains, that housing, jobs and pensions are worse. Its a legitimate point in my opinion and calling people whingers is just using ad hominem attacks rather than arguing the points.

    You know its bad when David Willets write a book about it,

    The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took Their Children's Future - And Why They Should Give It Back

    The baby boom of 1945-65 produced the biggest, richest generation that Britain has ever known. Today, at the peak of their power and wealth, baby boomers now run our country; by virtue of their sheer demographic power, they have fashioned the world around them in a way that meets all of their housing, healthcare and financial needs.

    In this original and provocative book, David Willetts shows how the baby boomer generation has attained this position at the expense of their children.Social, cultural and economic provision has been made for the reigning section of society, whilst the needs of the next generation have taken a back seat. Willetts argues that if our political, economic and cultural leaders do not begin to discharge their obligations to the future, the young people of today will be taxed more, work longer hours for less money, have lower social mobility and live in a degraded environment in order to pay for their parents' quality of life. Baby boomers, worried about the kind of world they are passing on to their children, are beginning to take note. However, whilst the imbalance in the quality of life between the generations is becoming more obvious, what is less certain is whether the older generation will be willing to make the sacrifices necessary for a more equal distribution.
    The Pinch is a landmark account of intergenerational relations in Britain. It is essential reading for parents and policymakers alike.
    His party did more than anyone to make the problem worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebookiesoffers View Post
    don't believe the Scottish hype from Nicola Sturgen mate, they have no bargaining chips whatsoever. They lost their referendum when oil was twice as expensive and their economy is currently running a 9% deficit, the EU states you can't join if your deficit is more than 3%. They'd also have to accept the euro. we'll get a full hard brexit

    i do think the pound won't fall much further though against the euro
    Good points, after all you are an insider. But I am still balancing my portfolio of in-future useless currencies. I have read (on cnbc or somewhere like that; all sources are pure **** ofc) that if GBP has to fall even further here, it will be not bc of brexit, but because some fundamental trust into UK is falling apart. And that is the point, where politicians stop doing what their voters want and they start doing what market wants. It happened in Greece and Germany. It happened in Brazil this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Voids View Post
    As I've previously states, this is my main concern.
    You are quoting an UK newspaper that was backing brexit. GBP has fallen. It has fallen relatively to all currencies, but Telegraph users see most GBP/EUR pair. So Telegraph want to show that EUR is **** and overpriced as well. They are probably right, but still it is manipulative. All currencies (USD [most intense debate ever, because of the huge debt and status of reserve currency], CHF [appreciated so much, that the central bank of Switzerland started to buy even shares, so Swiss central bank is now bigger shareholder of Facebook than Zuckerberg -> it will be "fun" to watch, after the shares pop;huge negative interest rates as the last brake], Yen [interest rates at or below zero for 2 decades, considering helicopter money = pure printing, but even with that in mind still appreciating], CNY [depreciation is on the way, bitcoin bubble is one of the consequences], EUR [no comment necessary, is **** with negative interest rates as well], SEK, DKK [both negative rates with a way to cashless economy], AUD, CAD [both commodity money vulnerable to oilprices; both lowered interest rates recently]) are pure overpriced piece of nothing and it is really just a matter of time, when all dreams of doomsayers will come true.
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