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    Default CPA payment terms

    Hi all,

    we are not really often work with CPA Deals but here and there we do.

    Now I have "learned" a new term related to CPA.


    - Player comes via your link, deposits and you make a CPA earning, let's say 100
    - Player self excludes and/or closes his account (in the same month)
    - Now you will not get your CPA, your 100

    Is this a usually term for CPA Deals?

    I mean the company got at least the 1st deposit of the player (10? 100 1000? - who knows). Maybe some more deposits in the month.. And as an affiliate you dont see any cent for this player?

    Help me please to clearify this!


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    My mom has a cpa deal with an affiliate program (don't want to mention who it is, but she gets $10 for every ndp) and those same rules apply to her. The other rule for her is that if the player(s) get banned, she also misses out on getting her cpa and the commission generated from them.
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