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    Default Domain Copyright

    Hi! Recently I read an article on a certain website about the same domain names differing only in the extensions, the author claimed not to do so, that it is plagiarism.
    Of course it is nothing revealing.
    I wanted to make sure about me, in the near future I will publish a site in which I put a lot of work and I would like it to be "clean" and that I will not have problems.

    So the domain evbet_com is taken, there is no content and nothing on it, the only information I found is that the registrant is from China.

    My domain is also evbet but in different extension. It was registered a bit later than com.
    What do you think about it? Should I change the domain where I want to publish the site?

    Apart from evbet domain I have also a domain , however someone registered also a domain bestbitcoinbet_com but I don't think there can be any question of plagiarism with such general words as best, bitcoin and bet? Am I right? With evbet it seems to be more branded. I think I would rather stay with evbet, as it is probably a better, shorter domain.
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    Well, both of those give the impression they're just parked and probably registered by someone hoping to sell at a profit at some point..though possibly by someone that intends to develop.

    Neither look to have any branding/brand association going by simple searches. So, it's obvious that you haven't registered to try and imitate/compete with/use the name or authority of an existing brand.

    In fact, if you do get something up first then - if there ever was a problem - that might put you in a stronger position.

    I'm not a lawyer...but personally, I wouldn't have any worries about using either.

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    First you cannot "copyright" a name - and it's nothing to do with "plagarism" which refers to copying significant writing or information - so the certain article that you said read on a website sounds pretty awful and doesn't have a solid grasp of the jargon - let alone the real facts.

    Protecting a brand is called trademarking - and you can "register a trademark" to protect a brand for certain activities. It's these registered trademarks that can fight people that pop-up with similar domains if (and only if) they can show that the intent of the website is to confuse people into thinking that the new website is actually the registered trademark.

    Registering a domain name that is inactive does not constitute a brand, a trademark or anything that's protectable.

    The upshot of this is that is a quick search for evbet I did not find any company, product or brand using it. And when you try to go to the name does not resolve into a valid website so there does not seem to be much of a prior claim.

    The closest I could find was - an online casino brand.

    I would expect that you could start an domain and write about "Expected value" bets without any issue whatsoever.

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