Lottery Affiliates is the official affiliate program of Oz Lotteries, an accredited online retailer of Australian Lottery Tickets.

We've been on the forum here at GPWA for a few months now and thought that we'd like to give something back. $1,000 to be exact.

How can you get your hands a grand?


Register as an affiliate of Lottery Affiliates before October 31st 2009.

Remember, Australia is in the future, so this is October 31st AEST which will be the 30th of October for most of you.

That's all!

Once registered, simply send me a PM on the forum or an email to

You will then automatically receive an entry into the draw for $1,000 USD.

We will allocate each entry with a number and use to select a random number for us. The affiliate associated to the random number will win the cash!

The winner will be announced on our GPWA forum and also on my GPWA blog on Monday 2nd November 2009 (AEST).

Stop reading - get registered at - it could be the easiest $1,000 you'll make this month!

Remember, registering for your affiliate account could not only win you $1,000 USD in our competition, but also open up a brand new recurring revenue stream with our accredited lottery products provided by Oz Lotteries.

Oh and did I mention this is only for GPWA members?