View Poll Results: How far along are you in work to improve your core web vitals?

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  • I don't plan to do any work at all to improve core web vitals.

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  • I don't plan to do some work to improve core web vitals, but not enough care about when it is done.

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  • I view this as a real project, and have not yet started.

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  • I am less than 20% finished.

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  • I am 20 to 40% finished.

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  • I am 41% to 59% finished.

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  • I am 60% to 79% finished.

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  • I am 80% to 99% finished.

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  • I am 100% finished.

    3 37.50%
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    Question How far along are you in work to improve your core web vitals?

    Google recently announced that core web vitals will directly influence search results beginning in May 2021 in the following blog entry:

    Timing for bringing page experience to Google Search

    Google first announced core web vitals and announced that they would eventually influence search results in May of this year, so their influence on search results will begin just about a year after that announcement. At the time this was noted in the forum and we ran the following poll:

    Do you plan to work on improving your Core Web Vitals?

    With the deployment of core web vitals as a factor in Google search results in just six months, and with half the time available to work on them before they will matter already passed, I figure it makes sense to ask folks how far along folks are in terms of the work they plan to do to improve their scores.

    Besides voting in the poll, be sure to share your thoughts about how much work you plan to put into improving them, how far along you are, when you plan to finish the additional work you plan to do, and any experience you have about how easy or hard it is to make improbements.

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    With how Google is; flips and flops like the weather, I don't think anyone can ever be, 100% finished.

    However in answer to your question, Michael... I can't do anymore than I've already done.

    I've tweaked the server, its software and that side of things. That's in addition to tweaking, optimising and in some instances deferring *.js & *.css coding.

    Audited the plugins used, only a handful to commence with. Of those, I've managed to slash a further 2, bringing that number down to 5 plugin in total.

    According to Google's own page speed test, Mobile score is 98, and Desktop is 99. That's ample in my book.

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    There are several problems that I would like to slove, but unfortunately, I don't even know how to do it properly (of course, I did some researches, and googled the topic). I know that hiring proper WP developer would be a good solution, but I'm afraid that they can leave exploits, etc.

    Don't know how to deal with this :C

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    As I am working on a new layout and reorganization of the content for my main websites. So I will optimize the new version for the core web vitals. If everything goes according to plan it will be ready before the update that takes the core web vitals into account.

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    I am about half way through but a lot of what is required is done by other departments in the Company and so it is a little out of my control!
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