Hello, it's a bit silly to start a topic like this but I came up with this idea that I will try.
So with all the perturbations that have been happening in the world I lost my job, yes I know I'm not the only one. Finding a new job in my industry is proving to be problematic, in other industries too. Currently I have a weak situation, loans, child, debt collector, illness.
In order to function I need to earn 850USD by the end of the month.
I can offer translation of the website into Polish (native) it does not have to be a 1 to 1 translation I can change it slightly.
The Polish market is regulated when it comes to bookmakers so offshore sites are more likely to come into play here because native affiliate programs are not profitable. Casinos are also regulated, but there is no control and the underground economy is better than in bookmaker betting.
I will also be happy to do other work related to bookmaking.
Of course, the amount given above is not a price for anything.
If anyone has any orders and proposals I will be very happy