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    1. A flame ? Was 3 distinct points and as soon as he responded in email I took it down for him to reply.

    2. The GPWA has shown how much they favor affilaites by renameing this thread, and was my sugegstion also. When my brand was falsely accused they did NOT do the same for me.

    3. I would love to see another solution for the future.

    EDIT: I would prefer being we now have a dialogue via email that this thread rests

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    Wow I took a couple of days out and a huge thread like this happens some pretty shocking posts I say that even with my vile mouth.

    Kaus - with regards to otuing an affiliate, i know Cj pretty well spoken many times on skype and met up in when i lived in Costa Rica i think he is stand up guy and knows the business very well, i assumed that he had done all of the work to really work out if Lenny had done somethings wrong, becasuse as we have just found out if you dont have your facts you will get burnt.

    Lenny if you dont want to include me on any of your sites then that is up to you 100% as i was one of the first AMs to post and as i said the reason i did is becuase i know Cj and assumed he would have gained 100% of the facts.

    Greek and Neil i think you guys should meet in london and have a pint and kiss and make up.

    Robin - we also had the same problem in the affiliate manager private section kind of hard to stop.



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    I've moved the personal exchange between TheBoyMitchell and Greek39 into a separate thread, here, in order to help prevent that portion of the thread from distracting from the main discussion in this thread and to better enable the personal exchange between those members to be resolved.

    Moved to:
    I have left the industry and earned a law degree at Indiana University Bloomington, Maurer School of Law. Here are ways to stay in touch with me:
    > Facebook:
    > LinkedIn:
    > Skype: StevenCorfman
    > Phone: +1 617 785 9324

    Inquiries intended for an administrator or staff member can be directed to Anthony Telesca through the forum (username Anthony) or to the general contact address manager AT gpwa DOT org.

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