Oz Lotto was not won last night meaning that the jackpot will increase next Tuesday to $20 Million!!

Affiliates, this is a massive opportunity to talk to your customers about Oz Lotteries and give them a chance to win some serious jackpot cash.

We have creative available that will allow you to offer your customers 1 free entry for Oz Lotto which can be used for next week's jackpot draw!

Don't forget that there is also $10 Million up for grabs tomorrow night on Powerball (Thursday 19th November, 8:30pm AEST - UTC +10).

If you aren't already working with us, you can get started on our site at www.lotteryaffiliates.com

Remember, you are promoting genuine tickets in Australian lottery draws that are provided by an accredited online retailer - Oz Lotteries.

Looking forward to working with you soon!