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    Default Is the list opt in or spam?

    It's probably spam

    Ok so optin-in still means the person has to opt-in to THAT website or THAT affiliate (or the one person or website or company doing the mailing).

    I opted in to receive email from my banks, and credit cards, financial companies, utilities, as well as a small number of retailers I purchase from.

    BUT I do NOT provide permission to sell, trade or otherwise give my email address to some casino, viagra, garage coatings, get-rich-quick, investment crapola, amazon coupons, porn, binary, etc etc etc or any other spammer.

    And even if the terms of service at that bank is a little ambiguous and they do a one-off mailing, they are still immediately spammers if they add the email to any recurring mailings.

    In addition, what usually happens is that the email is sold to some spammer/list dealer that somehow got past the banks checks (this is spelled paying the fee for the list) and then the list is sold again and again.

    Now this list is CALLED an opt-in list, but in reality it is not.

    So what happens is that affiliate managers asks if the list is opt-in, the affiliate lies and says it is, and the managers say ok, keep mailing but be sure to remove the emails of anyone that bitches.


    Additional information:
    Now, affiliates that run their own lists, that they personally generated with viral type casino and gambling offers at their own websites will not only protect that mailing list carefully, they would never (unless they are stupid or leaving the industry) they would never ever sell or rent the list. Any affiliate with a good solid list knows how valuable it is and would never let it go.

    Any list of casino players that comes from the casinos themselves, is a stolen list no doubt about it. Any operator that would actually be so daft as to truly sell an active players list is a real fool or must be having financial difficulties and deserves to be shut down immediately. (usually they are stolen by rogue employees)

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    Some real good info here. Many (beginning) affiliates / webmasters make the mistake.. Do not buy any lists ever. If you want a list.. Build it yourself.

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