Hello, I have been working on my site betting.football for a short while now (in internet terms) and recently posted to receive advice regarding the best way forward to grow the site into other language markets, the original thread is here https://www.gpwa.org/forum/expansion-my-site-country-franchise-solution-248163.html?highlight=#post906575

About the site betting.football; As the site grows it will have further developments in order to provide more football specific statistical data for the readers in order to compliment the content. The aim of the project is to continue to develop the portal so that is provides great game preview content as well as other betting tips and "how to' articles ultimately delivering the best odds on the betting tips offered to readers. We want returning readers that find our content interesting, and hopefully helpful when making their betting choices.

JV Partner, what do they need to do? After much thought, I have decided to look for JV partners who would maintain their specific country site. On the side of the partner this would entail the partner translating the football predictions, reviews and betting tips articles created as well as advising on other upcoming games that content should be written for in their specific market and providing advice on other market areas, brands, deals where necessary in order to aid the growth and success of the site.

So whats in it for the partner? Obviously local knowledge and skills are being supplied as well as feedback on the way forward in the market so its expected that the largest majority of the specific language sites revenues would be for the partner, this is minus any operational and dev costs that would be defined and agreed upon. Looking down the road, it may be the case that the site is sold, at this point the partner would receive a proportional value based on the revenues of their language site.

Why work on someone else's site? I know that it may interest very few people to work on a site that someone else owns but I feel the strength here is that we will have a team of individuals driving the site forward in several language markets in order to aid its growth in all markets, it could therefore be something that someone who only wants to spend a few hours a week could take on or that a larger company would take on to plug into their already existing workflow.

What Languages are we looking to cover? Although I feel I know which markets I would like to go into, those who may be interested in this opportunity will understand the value or opportunities in their own markets more than I, so for this reason I am leaving this decision until I talk more with interested parties. We will however have a limit on the markets we take on and launch initially with a plan to add more over time in order to ensure we do not overstretch resources or finances!

I will leave this here, yes its a short post, but more detail is expected to be given or discussed further with anyone who is seriously interested.

Feel free to PM me

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