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    Quote Originally Posted by -Shay- View Post
    Sky is the following :

    • United Kingdom
    • Channel Islands
    • Ireland
    • Finland
    • Gibraltar

    Coral accepts a fair bit more country-wise (I think - based on the signup queue with the countries listed), but they do not accept Canada or Australia - for example. Same shows true for Gala to the best of my knowledge.

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    I wrote it in another threads.

    Well they owe me some minor amount like 2K GBP from long time ago. Simply nobody ever responded to my emails and I gave up.

    Then I was spammed in November and starting to promote them by December 2013. The person who spammed me and promosed me many things, wery enthusiastic and thrilled about her job left few weeks later and now spams me from Bwin.

    The problem is that they changed cookie to 3 days without telling me.
    Problem is that their banners did not work many times for many hours. Affiliate stats were offline as well. Text links did not work as well. Their promo generally is very poor.

    But besides that the another AM I got was so - how to say it politely - dull, that I had to block him. He does not know anything about gambling. His answers to very trivial questions are way off. He does not know what are odds banners. He does not know what are odds. Tipical Q&A:
    me - so the new solution will be some xml feed?
    him - yes, maybe

    After I told him "let's make some cobranded banners with", he asked me like innocent child "what is the >>mydomain<<?".

    I do not have time for this, really.

    There are many other details like the problems with mexos, the issue that I do not know how to set up my payout method (yes, there are still affiliate programmes that ask you for update when they can not pay you) etc.
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    Sherlock, is that Ladbrokes?

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