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    Default A Marketing Mindset

    Lately in Affiliate Marketing I have been distracted from the overall goal. I had to meditate upon and analyze exactly why Iím doing this, and despite all the money that can be made in Internet Marketing and the freedom that can be obtained I realized that there has to be something bigger to which you need to hold onto in order to get through the inevitable obstacles and distractions. Building a business is not an activity for attaining quick cash; it is a life long commitment and action plan for reasons far beyond any material possession, whether itís for absolute independence or proving to yourself once and for all that you can succeed in life.
    Itís so easy to get distracted in a world full of limitless entertainment and false advertising aimed at greed impulses. Therefore, I like to keep in mind a quote by Andy Andrews who stated, ďI hold fast to my dreams, I stay the course and I do not quitĒ. This is actually one of the most important lessons that any entrepreneur can ever learn. No matter what business, job, or any other line of work you are in, success will only make an appearance through hard work and persistence; be assured that through the hard work there is bound to be failures and temptations to quit. Having a strong mind or building mental strength is critical as these constant detours will never bring you to any greatness and neither to your long term goals.
    Napoleon Hill said, ďBefore success comes in any manís life, heís sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. Thatís exactly what the majority of men do.Ē So my questions to any entrepreneur or anyone attempting to succeed in Internet Marketing is, are you one of the majority who quits at the first sign of defeat, or in that moment of pressure are you ready and willing to stand out from the crowd?
    In Affiliate Marketing; whether it is in PPC, SEO, Blogging, etc., there will be times when you feel like giving up. No business, no matter what many gurus will tell you can make you rich overnight or even profitable overnight, and therefore it will take weeks and most often months before you see any profit. With this in mind, are you willing to work for nothing? If you are willing to work for nothing then this is the quality that will differentiate you from the crowds of people searching for a quick buck. Cultivating an entrepreneur-like mindset is necessary in order to get over the hurdles that the average person is bound to fall for.
    As the affiliate marketing industry moves forward into a new decade there will be a series of new failures, challenges, and successes. Out of the billions that this industry has and the infinite supply of money in the world (despite the economists may say), are you going to give up on your dreams and ideas because of pressure? It is so critical that you begin examining the false beliefs that may be holding you back, attaining the entrepreneurial qualities needed to succeed and not quitting in the face of resistance. This is what separates the successful people from failures, because at the end of the day winners never quit. A persistent mindset; whether it be online or offline, is ultimately the solution to success, wealth, and happiness.

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