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    Quote Originally Posted by pokeraussie View Post
    If you're a recluse, why would you need money?
    LOL I'm not a recluse. I see how you wouldn't need money if you were one though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Miles_FTA View Post
    Money is the route of all evil the more you have the more you want ... I 100% wouldn't be gambling it away online that's for sure maybe look at spending a couple of bar at the biggest and best casinos on the planet while im traveling the world
    I would travel too, but then I would spend the time on my hobbies because they make me happy, rather than working for money, which is why I'd put the money somewhere that it would be making me enough money to live (a salary) without having to work. Investment properties, etc etc. I wouldn't spend it all, probably not even a third. But I'd be happy if I could do my hobbies every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FruityJelena View Post
    I'd buy some big affiliate, together with the employed team and spend a year traveling and living in exotic and unusual places, while I receive commissions doing nothing :P
    After that I'd award all those hard-working people from that team and get back to my laptop to continue working
    Maybe I'd buy a house with a pool in Malta as well or somewhere else by the sea, where I wouldn't have problems not being EU citizen.

    Which actually gave me idea that first of all, I'd buy a citizenship of some EU county haha!
    Remember now, you're taking me to the Maldives next year

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