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    Default My Worst performing Program Stats

    A lot of affiliate programs demand top positions, plenty of clicks and some place a type of minimum deposit, sign up clause etc..
    4,867 Clicks, 10 Sign ups 1 depositing player... And somehow 2 chargebacks??? wow... How does that work.. If I was a newbie this would class as norm.. I deal with quite a lot of traffic So I can always gauge who is screwing with the stats and who is not.. My best Product signs up one in 15- sometimes 20 depending on the season.. most of my traffic is high quality keyword organic.. average sign up is one in 50-70... What are your worst stats?

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    Wow. Thats brutal. Looks like asia aff stats.

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    Clicks to signups is a tough metric to get a handle on.

    Our numbers clicks / signups can be as low as 1% and as high as 5% - which some "experts" may see as a fail.

    But then as a tipping site we will send players to a bookmaker to make a bet without any attempt to convert them to a new account - thus explaining the higher total click rate of 12,000 clicks per month - and a much higher average value per player - so suddenly the idea is not such a fail after all.

    So at 1 in 50 or 1 in 70 ... your average stats look a lot like our average stats.

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    I can give an example with one of our casino sites. In terms of click to sign up the average rate is 20:1.
    However, there is a difference in the conversion rate from one type of content to another (news, how to guides, reviews).
    Conversion from news might be 50:1, how to guides 30:1 and so on.

    I don't have any clue in the sports betting industry, but 480 clicks for 1 sign up looks really suspicious.

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    Worst stats are 2% of the clicks that lead to an account where I usually have lots and lots better. And is a program all the time asking for toppositions to waste more traffic.

    A few programs really are having a low % and are the ones that are asking the most for toppositions. I think a real good program does not ask for it. They will get it anyway.

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    I would love to be even making a 1% click to sign up rate! I'd be retired by now if I were getting that.

    It all depends on the site. Niche sites can get a sign up every 15 clicks. Other sites might generate a lot of clicks and even only get a sign up every 500 clicks. For example, if you're displaying odds, like an oddschecker type of site, remember that a lot of people clicking through are perhaps already account holders and are conveniently using your deep links to bet on events - effectively free advertising for that bookmaker that will keep a player playing who isn't affiliated to your account.

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