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    Default Overlords and Rectal Exams: APCW Perspectives for 3 December 2021

    Overlords and Rectal Exams

    Will the Gambling Act Review ever come to a conclusion?
    And if it does, will our industry survive the results?
    The closer we get to the answers...
    the more grim the situation appears.


    Affiliates Shark Interview:
    Racing Post Article:
    Public Health England:
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    That's quite stupid for them to say that gambling has caused untold misery and distress to countless families across Britain. Everyone's free to gamble, as long as they gamble responsibly.

    Thanks for the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cash Bonus View Post
    Everyone's free to gamble, as long as they gamble responsibly.
    The thing is, someone with an addiction; not just reserved to gambling, their responsibility has long since gone. Hence, in the case of gambling, they will only stop when the money runs out.

    GA (gamblers anonymous) program states: One (1) bet is too many and 1000 isn't enough.

    I don't much like the UKGC, but... Just like spam, and other issues, the industry mostly buries its head in the sand, or looks the other way.

    This is certainly the case with 'problem gamblers'. Sure they all have responsible gambling protocol pages. They all know they have to commit to checking SoW. And, they are also aware that if a player self-excludes, then they (the igaming operator) needs to respect this decision and NOT send these players any type of gambling incentives, spam, or whatever.

    Only last week, BGO surrendered its UKGC license, stating it's impossible to operate in the UK, with such heafty fines. FYI... The UKGC yanked the BGO license back in Oct 2021. What do you suppose for?

    Not checking their Due Diligence and being responsible operators. Instead, they left 250 of their top players (VIPs) without checking SoW or any other checks, which, is demanded by the UKGC, and mandated in their UKGC licensing.
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