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    Default Question regarding new rakeback rules !

    So on the 25th or March (actually 26th) this was announced:

    As of today, only the first account created on the CEREUS Poker Network can be a rakeback account. A second account created on or after March 25th, 2011 will no longer be eligible for rakeback.

    AFFECTED PLAYERS – For example, if a player already has an Absolute Poker account that was created in 2010 and they attempt to create a UB account as of today, the UB account will not be eligible for rakeback – regardless of whether or not their first account offered rakeback.

    NON-AFFECTED PLAYERS – Players with two existing CEREUS Poker Network rakeback accounts that were created on or before March 25th, 2011 are not affected by the change.
    Well first, that sucks, but here is my question:

    What happens if we send players that donīt qualify for rakeback but still play ?
    Do we get normal rev share then ?
    Or will Cereus keep the 30% and say lol thanks dude ?

    I asked the above question on PAS (here) some time ago, but i don`t think they got a reply yet, and that is not "Cereus" enough is it ?

    And a side question:
    Why does referral codes NOT override cookies ?
    That makes no sence since they are also used for offline marketing.
    And if players are using a referral code they did so MANUALLY and have chosen to do so, which is not really the case with the cookies that might be on a PC !

    I have lost several players on this issue just the last week, and i am like 1 inch away from removing Cereus rooms from my sites, since i donīt feel like sending free traffic !

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