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    Thumbs up Recognition for 2010's Most Active Affiliate Program Representatives

    At the beginning of every month, we recognize affiliate program representatives for their participation in the forum in the previous month. Three years ago, we expanded our tradition to include a special recognition for the most active affiliate program representatives of the year. And now that the new year has begun, it's time for us to give a very special cheer to the following affiliate program representatives for their participation in the forums in 2010:

    1. Renée Mate of Rewards Affiliates (Renee)
    2. Adrian D. Carli of Live Casino Partners (LiveCasinoPartners)
    3. Shaun O'Neill of NordicBet Partners (Shaun O'neill)
    4. Amy Bergue of Wager Junction (wagerjunction)
    5. Martyn Beacon of Affiliate Edge (CWC-Martyn)
    6. Tanya Littlefield of Everest Affiliates (TanyaEverest)
    7. Louis Peterson-Deering of Income Access (Louis - Income Access)
    8. Elaine Gardiner of Affiliates (ElaineGardiner)
    9. Helene of Rewards Affiliates (Helene)
    10. Simon Eaton of BetOnline Affiliates (eaton2003)

    We're giving an extra special thanks to Renee, the most active affiliate program representative during 2010. She will be the featured affiliate program representative of the year on the GPWA home page for the next month. Way to go Renee!

    The GPWA just wouldn't be the same without each of you. And the same is true for each and every one of the many other affiliate program managers who have contributed to the forums over the past year. A big cheer to all of you!

    The success of both affiliates and affiliate programs depends on good working relationships so we really appreciate the active participation of affiliate program representatives in the forums.

    And, to show our appreciation, each of you will be featured on the home page of the GPWA website for the next month as affiliate program managers of the year!

    So, if you are an affiliate program representative and missed the list this year, and would like to be included next month and next year, it's easy, just be an active participant. It'll be noticed!

    Here's to lots of active affiliate program representatives!

    GPWA Executive Director, Casino City CEO, Friend to the Village Idiot

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    Well done to all that made the list and continue to support their affiliates.

    No surprises with the first placing - well done Renee!

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    Hi All,

    This is a good indication of who will do the yards to take care of their affiliate responsibilities. It's not an easy job being an affiliate manager just as it's not a walk in the park being an affiliate either.

    However with people like this it's proof they give a toss about affiliates.

    Kudos to everyone!

    A special BIG hello and thank you to Renee ( on ya Mate!) and also Helene who I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year.

    I'll certainly be looking at the programs these aff managers represent if I'm not already working with them.


    Compliance: a code word for control

    Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. It's called integrity.

    It's your right to be treated honestly: fairness for all igaming affiliates - - no sponsors. Hence no conflicts of interest!

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    Congrats everyone!!!
    Affiliate Manager
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    Thanks guys!

    When I tried to individually thank it told me that I don't have sufficient privileges to access the page
    Renee, Affiliate Program Manager
    Affiliate Program for
    Best Affiliate Manager - CAP Awards 2008
    Best Casino Affiliate Manager - CAP Awards 2009
    Best Casino Affiliate Manager - iGB Affiliate Awards 2010

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    I like this

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