Let me start by saying we are all busy and receive many e-mails and messages for example through skype and sometimes we may miss some of them, we are all guilty at times.

Recently I am finding so many account managers that simply just not replying to e-mails or skype messages even when you can clearly see the messages have been read. What is it with these people that they don’t have the courtesy to at least reply. You don’t have to reply in minutes or within the day but in a more timely manner. Lately I have posted many times looking for a contact person for programs. Not that I don’t have one already but looking for a contact that will reply.

Sure, it is easy to say that they are on vacation, at a conference or for whatever reason (and legitimate reasons) but when you know they have read the message and after a couple attempts can you reply? By the time some people reply you forget the reason for contacting them in the first place.

One recent program, not to be named “yet”, actually rudely told me after six weeks of trying and even contacting the founder to get an answer that I was “persistent”. Yes, I am persistent when you don’t reply and we need answers. Two weeks later I'm still waiting for an answer but now told they are on vacation.

Then there are messages that end in a question mark indicating a reply is appreciated and then told “I thought our conversation ended”.

At a time when everyone is looking for and soliciting for players, traffic, affiliates it would be good to follow up on the communication.

Is the problem due to lack of experience or lack of training?

While we’re at it … if programs want to use a contact form or general support@ e-mail address have people that monitor the messages and forward to the appropriate people.

Perhaps this is a bit of a rant but hopefully some account managers will see themselves in this thread and look at ways at improving their skills.