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    Default Retagging of players

    This is the 2nd notice I have received from Chip Leader:

    Hi Heather Gartland,

    We are writing to inform you that one or more players recently signed up on your account and have been detected as having multiple accounts with the same brand on the Cereus Poker Network. Our current security policy prohibits users from having more than one account per brand.

    Unfortunately, the accounts below have a duplicate account that has been recently tagged to you. We have contacted the players, informed them of our security policy and have closed the old account. Your tag has also been removed since the players will be still tagged to the original affiliate. Please note that any recent payments due to mistagging will be reflected in your next account summary.

    Retagged accounts:

    Please keep in mind that these modifications are not historic. Adjustments for duplicate accounts on the same brand began June 1st 2010.

    Our goal is to be fair to all affiliates and if any of your players open up a second account on the same brand through another affiliate, we will enforce the same policy so that you can continue to benefit fully from their time at the tables.

    If you have any questions, give us a shout. We'll be glad to help.

    The Chipleader Team
    I don't specifically have a problem with retagging players, but what really bugs me as that I don't do very well with poker as its not something I push very much, however in December I got 2 new players, but received the same notice for BOTH of them. I am beginning to think I am wasting my time because it seems as soon as I get a new player - they get removed from my account.

    The other issue is that they mention above that the players old account will be closed but the new account ( downloaded from my site ) will be given to the old affiliate. That doesn't make sense to me....
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    I agree, I think they should be forced to keep the old account, as that would be the only encouragement for this not to happen.

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    Hi Guys,

    We leave the second account open (there are exceptions) and retag to the original affiliate because usually the first account is already closed (this can be either by player request or because of an issue with the player account).

    Another thing is that the second accounts can sometimes have more updated information for the player (email, phone number).

    Due to the fact that sometimes player accounts are closed by player request or because of problems with the first account it's easier to work on the second account. We try not to re-open first accounts. If a player had an issue with his first account and was closed by our Security team then his second account is closed as well.


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