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Chalk, I have bad news for us both

didn't know either.

I think THAT .. perhaps more than the other ...show's we're getting old.

At first i thought it was a culture thing but since then I've noticed that kitty here in the states.

That leaves 2 choices if its not culture. Either we both been under a rock (apparently not the same) or we're both getting old (unfortunately the same lol)
Without sounding racist, and I'm only saying this because I don't know the exact country it originated (I'm guessing Japan though), Hello Kitty is an asian cat. ie, originated from one of the asian countries. So yeah, it's a culture thing. I don't think it's a "we're getting old" thing.

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I suggest a young attractive companion for us each to help bring us back up to speed.

In my case I'll need donations since my quest for one at no cost has been failing miserably.
I heard Martyn was available