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    Lightbulb skrill, scams, and tips

    some tips that may come handy for affiliates:

    skill (ex-moneybookers)

    if you use skill as payment provider, something that is very very difficult there is simply to find the customer support number,
    maybe they are just not interested in talking to customers or something.
    the number is this: +44 203 514 5562
    despite the difficulty to locate it, calling it gave me good service (if you have any opinion or experience about skrill both positive or negative please share)

    affiliate problems:

    scams, shaving, and more techniques of cheating affiliates (or "maximize profit of casino and software vendors", a nicer way to say it)

    my tip for affiliates about affiliate programs: when choosing a program, first read in forums opinions about it of course (and avoid the marketing information that you can find in their web site)

    some more ways how to identify the good ones (from my experience): they are ones that affiliate small number of brands, the reason is that companies that affiliates many brands finds it very hard to resist the temptation of shave customers from one brand to another, they can calculate very easily the profit that it'll make, and also the poor ability of affiliates to do something and even know what happened there behind the scenes.

    shaving is something that takes place in many levels, the affiliate programs, the online casinos, and even the software vendors themselves.
    and it can happen without even people knowing it (from the people who work at the shaving company)

    for example one tip from me (that please do not say that i said so...)
    publicity traded company 'play-tech' has one brand of online casino that is not advertised, it's a brand that includes only players with very high player-value, and this brand has many many of players.

    so how can a brand "invite" players? and only ones with high player value? and with no promotion?
    and with company detailed information about players from many online casinos who are its customers?

    I don't know the answer... but hope that my post came handy for anyone there
    The Game Maker

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