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    Default Spam From Russia for VIP Casino?

    Holy Spam - In the past week I have gotten literally thousands of messages with a .ru site that points to VIP Casino. Hundreds per day - and they are getting around my spam filters. Each time the text is different and the name is different (but always starts with 'gambler')

    From Gambler Zoie Ortiz

    and crawley crawley turned upon meadows and
    lay today's featured games and
    get 1000 Euro extra
    More slots games are open to you now.

    Anyone else getting this spam or able to track it down? Casino spam is nothing new, but the sheer volume and their ability to get past some spam filtering is driving me nuts - and I dont want these asses to profit from this crap.
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    My latest rush of spam has been RU girls. I have so many filters on that I don't see as much as I used to. It got so bad on a few addy's I enabled boxtrapper in cPanel to end it. Went from 100+ a day to 1 or 2 in most cases.
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    For more than a month I have seen a marked increase in spam advertising .ru sites (gambling and non gambling) and the sad part of it that there is little recourse since the registrars totally ignore complaints and there is no method for reporting invalid contact info.

    Inmyopinion, if they want to play with the rest of the world then they too should follow the rule of forcing valid contact info.

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