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    Default Traffic from Isreal? Site Scraped

    Just wondering if any legitimate traffic comes from Isreal. I just blocked a big range of IPs from Isreal because my site was scraped this morning.

    These were the 3 IPs I got hit from:

    I've blocked and -

    Will I miss very much legitimate traffic? Should I just block single IPs when they hit or block smaller ranges? I'd rather block them before they hit.

    One of the IPs was changing to different user agents during the scrape, the others had no user agent.

    I blocked so many in the 82.80 range because a google search showed many IPs in this range were bad.
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    Yes legitimate traffic does come from Israel and be assured that Israel does not have any sort of monopoly on rogue traffic.

    Many countries spring to mind but rather than annoy any body i will pick on my own country, the UK.

    Some European sportsbooks will not offer bonuses to the UK and the reason is bonus abuse, in fact one of the very worst sites for encouraging bonus abuse is a UK website.

    I know this is different to what your issue is but my point is that so many countries have issues one way or another with hackers, bonus abusers, spammers and so on and Israel is no better or worse than most of them.
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    Try Project Honeypot to see if any of those IPs are in there..

    Also, it may be worth your while to just block IPs that have no referrer and no user agent (together) as about 99% of the time they are bots.
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