PartyPoker US Network Coming?

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by , 14 January 2020 at 2:39 pm (451 Views)
Poker players have been talking about a mysterious email sent out recently which alluded to a PartyPoker US Network for online poker. What does PartyPoker mean by “network”? What are their plans for American expansion? And should players be excited? We also discuss the possibility of online poker in New York for 2020, and have an update on alleged poker cheater Mike Postle.

This week’s big story involves rumors floating around… big rumors involving the state of Nevada and what they’re calling a PartyPoker US Network… whatever the hell that means! So the question is, my friends, is it time to get excited? Emails recently went out to players in New Jersey informing them of an upcoming online poker tournament scheduled for January 26th. That tournament is being called the Party Poker US Network $250,000 Free Roll! Huh?!

First of all PartyPoker only operates in one US state: New Jersey! That’s hardly what I would call a network. Speculation had been that they were going to be licensed and operating this month in the state of Nevada, and then maybe share player pools across state borders. So, should players get excited at this point? Probably not. Party Gaming themselves has said that sports betting is their top priority… not online poker in the state of Nevada. And even if they did go live there that’s still just two states… not exactly what I would call a PartyPoker US Network.

I know, I know… I hear some of you out there saying ‘Hey, it’s got to start somewhere’… and you’re right. So if not Nevada, what about Pennsylvania? Well it’s true that PartyPoker is going to be licensed there and operating… they’ve already got a partner in place. However, the state of Pennsylvania has its own issues.

Pennsylvania online poker rules just do not allow for sharing players across state lines… at least not now. So you can forget about that. However, we always have New York! New York?? Don’t laugh! Believe it or not those crazy kids in New York will try to regulate online poker again in 2020, after failing miserably for the past seven years. Of course, you know what they always say: The seventh time’s a charm……. sure.

Some of you out there may be wondering whatever happened to that whole Stones Live cheating scandal involving poker player Mike Postle. Well it’s still going on, only now Mr. Postle is playing hard to get. Legal notice for the $10 million lawsuit against his sorry ass needs to be served, but Mr. Postle won’t answer his front door! In fact, five separate attempts have been made to serve him since mid-December, and Mr. Postle just hides in his house like the coward he is.

Also this week we have a brand new game review that we just released for Incredibell! slot tournaments from our friends at IGT. This is part of their TournXtreme product line and it is packaged on their CrystalDual 27 gaming cabinet. It’s an exciting and unique experience for players who love slots, and you can watch the full review on our YouTube channel right now.

And finally this week, celebrity chef and all-around swell guy Gordon Ramsay just announced that he is developing his own online casino games! In fact we at this week in gambling have an exclusive first look at the Gordon Ramsay slot machine!

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