Wire Act and Coronavirus Gambling News

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by , 17 March 2020 at 2:23 pm (973 Views)
This Week in Gambling[/B][/URL]: What an interesting week of gambling news! First, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the global economy, and naturally casinos have been hit hard. Also, an update on the Department of Justice Wire Act case, as New Jersey has now joined the fight!

Hello friends! The apocalypse is upon us! I just didn’t think it would come down to a war over toilet paper. The corona virus is sweeping the planet disrupting everything in its path, including gambling. And as far as [I]gambling news[/I], that is this week’s big story.

Apparently a lack of Ramen noodles and Clorox bleach has brought society to the brink of destruction. And here in America, casinos are closing their doors from coast to coast, and that includes Las Vegas. Even the big properties have announced they’re shutting it down for a couple of weeks.
And it’s not just casinos that are being affected. It’s anywhere people gather in groups. So poker rooms, bingo halls, horse-racing, sporting events, even strip clubs….. I hear strip clubs are closing. A friend told me that they were closing. So yeah, I guess this is pretty serious.
At this point there are just too many properties shutting down to list them all on this program. However [URL="https://www.casinocitytimes.com/dan-ippolito/article/covid-19-takes-its-toll-on-us-casinos-66957"]Casino City[/URL], who sponsors this show, does have a page with a pretty comprehensive listing. To find that page just follow the direct link that I’ve left for you below this video in the description area.
Also in gambling news this week, an update on the US Department of Justice Wire Act case. You may recall that last year the [URL="https://www.thisweekingambling.com/online-gambling-illegal-under-wire-act/"]DOJ changed their opinion[/URL] on the Federal Wire Act… a pretty transparent attempt to use the Act as a way to shut down online gambling in America. This case went to[URL="https://www.thisweekingambling.com/doj-loses-online-gambling-wire-act-case/"] court last year in New Hampshire[/URL] where a federal judge handed the DOJ their ass on a platter calling their interpretation of the Act bizarre and incoherent. Still, undeterred the [URL="https://www.thisweekingambling.com/online-gambling-and-the-wire-act-on-appeal/"]DOJ filed an appeal[/URL]… and that’s where we are now.
But instead of waiting for a disposition, the state of [URL="https://www.thisweekingambling.com/new-jersey-attacks-doj-wire-act-opinion/"]New Jersey has decided to fight the DOJ[/URL], filing an additional brief in opposition to their position in this case. Well there’s a kick in the danglers! Their Attorney General says that the Justice Department interpretation of the Wire Act will kill the online gambling industry in that state, costing thousands of jobs and millions and tax revenue. Like the DOJ cares about that!


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