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    Default Concerns regarding ACF Webmaster terms and conditions

    < derail >

    ACF has the most ridiculous terms and conditions I've ever read. I'm positive they were translated by a 6 year old. I don't understand why anyone promotes them.

    Then there's the CPA deal they offer - guaranteed to generate fraudulent activity.

    1.8 "CPA" is a bonus you obtain when a player signed up by your site makes a first deposit of a minimum of €49 for Casino770 and €49 for Casino Riva.
    Yet, the player has the option to make a min deposit of just $20 at their properties. Then they have the out to not pay the cpa -

    1.8.2 If a player registers through your website on to Casino 770 and/or Casino Riva, makes his/her first deposit of €30 and another one of €30, it will not be counted as a CPA.
    Their cpa and cpa hybrid deals leave them wide open to fraud and abuse by unscrupulous affiliates.

    They willingly cut deals where the cpa hybrid is as high as 20% rev share plus $80 commission on a player who only has to make an initial $20 deposit. This is bound to be a losing proposition for them on many, many occasions and is bound to create fraud issues as well as terms abuse issues.

    Obviously, they are aware of the above issues, hence this clause -

    1.12 Many “bonus seekers” are redirected to our sites through forums. Consequently, we reserve the right not to accept the traffic coming from these sources. Suspicious traffic coming from these sources could be redirected automatically except if the player is accepted after agreement and in exceptional circumstances.
    Yet, they regularly work (and cut deals like the one mentioned above) with affiliates who have the type of forum listed above. Then, when they find themselves in the negative, they break their contract with the affiliate while still allowing the players to play.

    < end derail / >
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    Default re:

    Glad to hear I´m not the only one that smelled something wrong with these guys. Thanks for the feedback!

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    The above two posts were initially a part of the thread I have moved them into their own thread in order to ensure that both topics are able to be discussed fully without detracting from one another. I have linked to this second discussion from the original thread.
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