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    Default First hand knowledge, Incomeaccess can NOT retag players.

    I recently had a player who won a quite a bit. The affiliate who referred the player would have been demoralized if I did not do something about the player devastating her monthly stats report. After all, how would you feel looking at a huge negative amount thinking that you could not make anything for the next year due to that one player having extraordinary luck.

    Because of the need for affiliates to not be unstabilized due to big winners LiveCasinoPartners is working up a "high roller" policy, which by the way I do not like the terminology because it's misleading. Not all high rollers win, and not all winners are high rollers. The player dynamics for each one are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

    Since we have to work within the confines of our affiliate program I went to IncomeAccess to see how we could implement the new "high roller" policy. IncomeAccess does not in any shape or form offer ANY method to untag a player from an affiliate. Their tracking is transparent. They informed me that they can not offer the ability to untag players from affiliate acounts, due to the possible abuse. (Not those exact words, but you get the point). They only way of offsetting a bug winner is to implement a "bonus" adjustment at the end of the month. It means more hands on adjustments, but it is visible for the affiliate in the tracking system. You can see what's happenning to your players.

    Now, that's good news for affiliates. It's good to know that the affiliate tracking system does have the ability to untag a player on the affiliate manager level.

    I will be rolling out the specific TOS for the new "high roller" policy for LiveCasinoPartners. The goal is to implement a transparent, fair method of handling big winners.

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    Thanks for being so forthright and upfront about this.

    Doggone it, I need to join your program....

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    Adrian, that is super that you are so upfront. Says so much about your integrity! Kudos!
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