I've made a nice penny on Crypto, I just wonder when Quantum Physics software (like they are testing in Russia right now) will lead to bigger and better (in regards to privacy), or 256 encryption will be as easy as a Brute Force attack. That's right around the corner folks.

Bitcoin.com said,'Forget about technical analysis, charting, or market psychology. There’s a new way of predicting the fate of bitcoin that doesn’t involve busting out the
bollinger bands or discerning cup-and-handle patterns. The name for this cutting-edge price predictor? Astrology.

The there's the crap spewing from wanna-be Traders about 'The Bubble'...of course, it's coming. It's everyone's two-cents on the subject and 2 cents goes into 70,000,000+ sub-crypto currencies.

What about this?
Ripple and Stellar Lead the Way as Crypto Market Shakes Off Rout. Jan 18,
2018 at 15:20 | Omkar Godbole. The cryptocurrency market is showing early signs of possible recovery, with Ripple and Stellar performing best among the top 10 currencies. (https://goo.gl/bKLPuz)

Manupulatinon - I'll leave this at 2 comments; Market Manipulation (thanks, Goldman-Sachs and chinamen); and 2, everyone knows the Stack Market crash years ago and the tech bubble a few years ago...This is going somewhere...and I hope it's up!