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    Default Rival Gaming Download Testing

    Due to becoming involved in a discussion started recently by an affiliate at the GPWA I decided to finish my download testing of the Rival Gaming Casinos.

    I proposed a question as to whether the function of clicking on the download (whether using a direct download link or not) would in fact embed the affiliuate id/campaign id into the exe downloaded.

    This is important for affiliates since if this function does in fact work, then it it doesn't matter when the visitor actually installs the software once the file is downloaded. If the visitor doesn't install the software right away but later does so, say a week later, then the affiliate that provided the customer to the casino would still get credit for the new customer.

    I had actually started this download testing back in November of 2008 but was sidetracked away from it and decided the other day to continue where I had left off.

    The criteria for the tests was actually pretty simple, in fact I didn't even clear my cookies before this test since the computer I did it on I haven't followed my rival links lately and I wanted to perform this test as an end user.

    For part of the casinos I used a direct download link, and for a few of them I used a regular landing page link and then followed the download link at the casino website.

    The list of casinos I have tested so far are as follows (in no particular order)
    Davinci's Gold
    Paradise 8
    Cocoa casino
    This Is Vegas
    Superior Casino
    Lion Slots
    Irish Luck

    I am very happy to report that as per my testing under the conditions I set forth above,

    100% of the Rival Casinos tested pased this particular test 100%

    Now as a disclaimer I must state that many things can affect affiliate tracking, but the results of this particular test may give some affiliates a comfort level with the Rivals that if their links are in fact formed correctly and delivered to the visitor correctly, than the tracking stats should reflect similar results.

    Also, this in an of itself is not a complete audit, but it does prove a theory about the download of the downloaded exe.

    There are a few Rival Gaming properties that I have not yet tested, but I think I covered a pretty good cross section of them that we can expect similar test results from any not yet tested. If any Rival opertaor would like to contact me to perform this same test on their property, don't hesitate to send me a pm.

    This particular post will be cross posted at the GIA and GPWA since I have had similar discussion at both forums a number of times.

    As a side note to affiliates, 100% of the Playtech Properties that I have ever run this same test has the same results. The affiliate id (as well as the profile if one is used) will be embedded inside the Playtech casino software download.

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    Thanks for the study and posting your findings Rick. It does answer a right many questions and ease concerns. Good work.
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    Thanks for the information, Rick. This is very useful and reassuring.

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