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Thread: Russian problem

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    Default Russian problem

    I checked the popularity of my niche in different countries. From my research, one of the countries where this topic and these keywords are very popular is Russia.
    My website does not support the Russian language and the traffic from Russia is almost nil, despite the high number of impressions from this country.

    The problem is that as far as I know Russia blocks offshore sites. And on the one hand I can see the potential to translate my site into Russian, on the other hand I will translate and once blocked in Russia the English version of the site (same domain) will probably not be available either and the effect could be the opposite.

    How do you think the Russian potential can be exploited?

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    Are the keywords you mentioned actually "money" ones? If they are then it might be worth getting your website translated.
    It might get blocked, however most people in Russia (due to sanctions) use VPNs, otherwise they won't be able to access most things other than a handful of state approved resources.

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