Comp Prep Update 13/08

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by , 12 August 2014 at 9:48 pm (3197 Views)
I had a bit of a set back this week.
On Sunday night just before bed my face was a bit red and a little swollen. When I woke up on Monday I'd had an anaphylactic reaction to something, no idea what, and my face was the size of a balloon. I looked like I had been repeatedly punched in the face. It's kinda lucky I didn't die in my sleep actually since anaphylaxis constricts your airways.

Doc reckons it could just be stress causing my immune system to react to something I'm not actually allergic to. I do have some things at home at the moment that are making me mentally drained so I guess it's not surprising.

So I've had Monday and Tuesday rest. I'm back in the office today but taking the day off my prep too. It kinda sux since I'm in the middle of my german volume training but my trainer said she would prefer me to just rest an extra day. So I will get back on it tomorrow.

Physically I feel fine. My face is still swollen under my eyes and around the top of my nose. The skin on my face feels like it's been burnt, especially around my mouth and my lips. I also have a bit of a headache but I'm sure that will go away eventually.

So nothing for me this week yet.

6 weeks out from comp 1 now.


  1. Gabba's Avatar
    Oh! That's bad news, I hope now everything is fine . Please make sure that there is not any insect (bug) have bitten you.