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    Quote Originally Posted by RacingJim View Post
    By uniques per month do you mean unique users?
    8 FTDs is poor I agree, especially if it compares badly to previous performance

    So the issues are:

    - New owners came in, immediately revenue dropped and performance dropped including low conversion %
    We've all seen this before in this industry and it stinks. It seems like all we can do about it is drop the program/reduce coverage as no-one is really batting for us.

    - You then had a disagreement with the casino and terminated the deal for top positions on the site. Immediately deposits and players stopped, a 'funny' coincidence.
    This is the biggest concern for me, as you said, if proven this shows affiliate programs can turn on or off our stats like a tap.

    - The casino is also taking part in Adwords that might seek to gain an unfair advantage over its own affiliates. Probably the least of the issues really (in my opinion), as PPC is a bit of a minefield anyway, but in the context of the other stuff, it is another potential stain on the owners of this casino.

    I'd be very interested if you can dig in to player data at individual account level on that software? Stats are your friend here, if you can show the days before had average of 20 accounts active, then it suddenly drops to nothing on the day you have a disagreement, then I think we can close this case here and now and mark them as rogue. I know off this I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole anyway.
    Thanks for the feedback. You've summarised it all correctly. These stats won't allow you to drill down to individual player level unfortunately. Uniques are unique players playing for the first time in a particular month. Although the "Unique players" stats are useful they don't give you an idea how many players are actually playing on a daily basis. Unique players that played yesterday and are playing again today won't appear in any player number stats. Obviously their activity would show in the revenue stats.

    The Adwords issue belongs in the other thread.

    This data may not be 100% conclusive that fiddling of stats has occurred but it's 95% conclusive in my opinion.

    Anyway I've kicked them to the curb and removed all traces of them from my site. Hope other affiliates do the same and protect themselves from being ripped off.

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