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    Lots of respected people are obviously good friends with Tom Galanis, which on its own is of great credit to him and reflects very well on him. He must be a charming guy in person. But who wants to be part of a union that starts off talking about regulating its members and making them sign up to a set of rules to adhere to? I obviously realise this regulation thing in the UK might need making sense of for affiliates who wish / need to comply, but if the union is to crack the whip and make sure affiliates keep in line then I don't need a Union that has that at the very top of the agenda.

    When you talk of tackling the SkyBet issue I would expect a union to fight for affiliates who were ripped off, not to tell them where they are going wrong in compliance terms (not as the primary focus). I don't know Tom Galanis because I don't go to the conferences, where these cliques are formed. I do think he was an affiliate manager for me in the distant past. Now no doubt he was very good, but not really ideal credentials at first sight for a union protecting affiliates, maybe quite good for one that wants them to stick to a code of practice. I can see why people might want someone more with J Todd's fighting attitude, albeit more UK focused.

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